x Intro to Fitness Swimming

All potential and current Adult Swimmers should also sign-up for our Adult Swim Email list as that is our only method of communication for the upcoming season and the rest of the summer.

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Practices begin on x, and continue through the first week of September.

Who Should Sign up for Adult Intro To Fitness Swimming?

Roswell Adult Intro to Fitness Swimming is for swimmers 19 and up (age on x).

If you are completely new to swimming, Adult Swim Lessons for Beginners is the more appropriate class.

If you can already swim freestyle, but have never swam for fitness (e.g. if you aren't comfortable with other strokes, flip turns or swimming sets or intervals) then Intro to Fitness Swimming is the best group in which to start.

Intro to Fitness Swimming is geared towards entry-level swimmers (e.g. graduated from Adult Swim Lessons or are looking to expand your skills beyond freestyle) . An assigned Intro coach will oversee practices in a lane dedicated to the Intro class.

Intro Practices at the beginning will cover 200-500 yards (4-16 laps) of basic freestyle and focus on improving basic stroke technique.

Goals for the Intro class are an eventual increase in practice yardage and the incorporation of additional strokes into practice.

If you start in the Intro Fitness Swimming group and become ready for the intermediate group, we simply move you over to those lanes when you are ready.

Not sure if you are ready for the class? Email if you'd like to learn more about our Intro to Fitness Swimming class.


How Do I Sign-up For Adult Intro To Fitness Swimming?

All Adult Swim participants (Intro, Intermediate and Advanced Fitness Swimming and Swim Team) complete the same Roswell Rec registration (i.e. everyone signs up for the same Rec class - differentiation between the various groups will occur during practices and with separate coaches).

Click here for info on how to complete the Rec registration for Roswell Adult Swim.

The x Rec fee is x for Roswell residents and x for non-residents.

If you have registered with the Roswell rec before and are familiar with the process, search for class "45206" - Click here for the Roswell Rec Online Registration site

If you have never registered with the Roswell Rec or need assistance with their registration process, click here for step-by-step Roswell Rec registration instructions.