About the Rapids Adult Swim Team

All potential and current Adult Swimmers should also sign-up for our Adult Swim Email list as that is our only method of communication for the upcoming season and the rest of the summer.

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The Roswell Rapids Adult Swim Team is a competitive swim team for swimmers ages 19 and up (age on x) and is the official adult swim team of the Roswell Recreation and Parks Department. The x season is our ninth offering adult swim team.

A team coach supervises all practices and meets. The coach will assist in improving stroke proficiencies, conditioning and race techniques such as starts and turns. 

Practices begin on x, and continue through the first week in September.

Roswell Adult Swim Team participation requires two registrations:

  • Roswell Rec & Parks (x for Roswell residents and x for non-residents)
  • Atlanta Adult Swim League (ASL) (x league fee is x for those 25 & up and x for those 19-24 years-old)

Click on the How to Join link to learn how to complete the above two registrations.

You do no have to be a current or former competitive swimmer to join the team; however, team practices will not be conducted as basic or introductory swimming lessons (other classes are offered for those purposes).

A minimum level of proficiency in at least two of the four basic strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly) is recommended.

There is no minimum practice requirement. We have some swimmers that just participate in meets and some that only swim practices. Our goal is to make the season fun and challenging for both recreational and competitive swimmers (and get some recreational swimmers confident enough to compete).

Events are short course and include the 50 yard distance at all strokes as well as the 100 IM and the 200 Yard Free.  Relays are the 200 Free, 200 Medley and a 200 Mixed relay by age group and gender.

Click here for a list of meet events and order.

We also have one sprint meet where we swim 25 yard distances of each stroke and an "Olympic" meet where we swim 50 meters (i.e. one lap of long course) and a 400 meter free event.

We need more swimmers at all age groups for x. If you know of any potential swimmers, please help us recruit them - especially if they are willing to swim in meets.

The more depth at every age group the better. We can swim down swimmers in older age groups (e.g. 40 and Up swimmers can swim in 30-39 and 19-29 events and relays), but we prefer to have folks swim at their true age group if possible.

Please email if you have any questions about whether the swim team is right for you or if you are interested in classes that will get you ready for the adult team.