How to Register for Roswell Rec Summer Adult Fitness Swimming & Swim Team

Below are the steps involved in the Roswell Rec Adult Fitness Swim & Swim Team for the summer session x - x

Online registration  and In-person registration for the summer session (Program # 45026) is now open.

Please note the Roswell Rec now charges an additional $3 convenience fee per online registration transaction.

In-person registration can be done at the Roswell City Hall (Suite 100, the Rec & Parks Office) if you would prefer to avoid the $3 online fee.
  • Go to
  • If you already have an account with the Roswell Rec (i.e. you've registered online for a Rec program previously), then enter you username and password and click the "sign in" button (If you've forgotten your password, look beneath the username and password text boxes for the "Forgot your password" link).
  • If you've never registered for a program online with the Roswell Rec, then look underneath the username/password text boxes for the link by "Need an account". That link will take you to the account registration page.
  • Once you are logged in, use the "Activity Number Search" function to search for "45026" and the search result should show "45026 - Adult Swim Team".
  • Click on the "Plus" sign; icon on the far right of activity 45026 (just to the right of the "Available" icon) and the "Activity Registration" and a new screen should appear at the bottom of the web browser showing Adult Swim Team (45026-01) and two buttons beneath labeled "Add To Cart" and "Clear Selection"
  • Click on the "Add To Cart" button and a new screen should appear listing all household members that can be registered on your online household account (if the swimmer is someone other than the household account owner and has never registered for a Roswell Rec class online, you will need to call the Rec Online help desk at 770-641-3705 to request that person be added to your household account).
  • Select the checkbox next to the name of all family members being enrolled for adult swim and click the "Continue" button located underneath the account names.
  • A "Questions" screen will then appear and will allow you to include a "Roster Note" and you will have to select an option from the drop-down for the question "How did you hear about this activity?". After selecting a drop-down menu option click on the "Continue" button (note: the question screen won't let you continue without selecting an option from the drop down menu).
  • If needed, you can add another swimmer to the enrollment by clicking on the "Continue Shopping" button and going thru the same process above for your additional swimmer.
  • If you are ready to pay for the class, click on "Proceed to Checkout".
  • You will see a charge of x per swimmer for Roswell residents and x per swimmer for non-residents, and you will also see the additional $3 "Convenience Fee" for your transaction.
  • If your cart and grand total look correct, click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button (or click on the "Continue Shopping" button if you need to add additional family members or make changes.
  • You should then see a page showing your "Summary of Charges" along with the "Amount To Be Paid Today", "Using This Payment Method" and your billing information so ensure all required fields are completed. 
  • IMPORTANT - please verify your billing name, email and phone number are up-to-date if we need to contact you. If the phone/email info is old or incorrect it may keep you from receiving important updates and last minute changes about this session.
  • Once everything looks correct click on the "Continue" button
  • The "Payment Summary" page will appear and will require you to input billing account info (e.g. credit card info and billing address info), and then click on the "Submit Payment" button at the bottom of the screen to complete your Rapids youth swim team Roswell Rec registration.
  • The "Activity Waiver" page should appear. Please read the waiver in its entirety, and if you agree to the waiver click on the "Agree" button to acknowledge your approval.
  • Please do not click the back button while it is processing your credit card or it might get double charged.
  • Once the transaction is complete, there will be a link to "View Confirmation Receipt (in .PDF format)" on the ensuing page and you will also receive an email confirmation
  • Please also remember that two additional registrations are required to swim with the Rapids youth swim team (i.e. the booster club registration and the Atlanta Swim Association/ASA League Fee)

For any questions regarding Roswell Rec on-line registration, please call 770-641-3705 or e-mail the support group at