x Adult Swim League (ASL) Sign-up

If you plan on participating in summer swim meets you must sign up with the Adult Swim League (ASL).

If you are only going to do practices, there is no need to join the ASL; however, the meets are fun, and you will help us score points (yes, even if you are slow!) so we encourage all our swimmers to join the league and swim meets with our team.

The x ASL fee is:

  • x for ages 25 & Up
  • x for Ages 19-24


Adult Swim League Step-by-step registration instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Once on the page, Click "Register Now"
  3. Fill out your information
  4. Sign the "Please Don't Sue Me Waiver"
  5. Pay

SwimTopia Account Setup (after registration):

If you don't have a SwimTopia Account through ASA (or a kid-team)

  1. You will get instructions on how to set up your account to the email you submitted in your registration.
  2. Follow those instructions
  3. Once the account is created, you'll be able to log in to sign up for meets & your swims once they are opened a week or two before the meet.

If you already have a SwimTopia Account through ASA (or a kid-team)

  1. Your existing account will be associated with your registration as a "parent" account.
  2. As a "parent" account, you'll be able to sign up for meets & swims for your "athlete" (you're both the parent and the athlete, I know. Just call me if it gets confusing).